The IAHS/ICCE2020 International Symposium on River sediment quality and quantity: environmental, geochemical and ecological perspectives
Bydgoszcz, 26.10.2020 - 30.10.2020
Place:Kazimierz Wielki Univeristy in Bydgoszcz
Organizer:Kazimierz Wielki Univeristy in Bydgoszcz, The International Commission on Continental Erosion (ICCE), Institute of Geography and Spatial Organisation Polish Academy of Sciences, University of Silesia in Katowice, Silesian Centre of Water, The Information and Promotion Centre of Inland Waterways in Bydgoszcz, Association of Polish Hydrologists, University of Agriculture in Krakow, Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Land Surveying
Subjects of the Conference:

Sediment quantity – cascades, budgets, yields
Sediment impacts on river channel hydromorphology and managment
Sediment quality – geochemistry, nutrients, contaminants, emerging issues
Sediment-biota interactions