The impact of the meteorological factors on the calculation of crops water consumption and vertical moisture exchange in soil.
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Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Science
Meshcherskiy Branch of the VNIIGiM
FSBEI HE RyazSMU named after academician I.P. Pavlov
RSATU named after P.A. Kostychev
Submission date: 2020-02-08
Acceptance date: 2020-02-12
Publication date: 2020-05-22
Corresponding author
Krystyna Bryś   

Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Science
Acta Sci. Pol. Formatio Circumiectus 2020;19(1):3-12
Aim of the study:
The aim of the work was to develop methods for calculating water consumption of plants and vertical moisture exchange, paying attention to the influence of meteorological factors in the agricultural conditions of reclaimed soils.

Material and methods:
The methods of Shebeko, Rogotskiy and Pylenok, which are commonly used in Russia, were taken as the basis of the study. The researches were carried out on an ecological landfill created in the Oka river basin near Riazań (central part of the Russian Plain). The empirical data of agro-climatologic, radiation, lysimetric and soil moisture measurements in the period from the beginning of May to the end of September during the years 1981-2018 were taken into account in the conducted analyses. Processing of research materials was carried out using such methods as analysis of variance, calculation of statistical characteristics of the sample, linear correlation. The analysis of the influence of meteorological factors on the water balance of soil with three agricultural crops: lupine, potatoes, oats, was given in the following 16 weeks from the time of field crops sowing (planting).

Results and conclusions:
Such investigated temporal dynamics of water consumption has pointed to strong correlations of this consumption with radiation balance, saturation deficit and bioclimatic coefficients of the agricultural crops. The new coefficients, more precision than earlier in Russia conducted, for used methods of calculating water consumption and vertical moisture exchange were proposed.. They are need in calculating the optimal irrigation regime of drained soils and in planning of its regime for complex land reclamation including technologically contaminated lands.

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